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May 03, 2017
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Dr. Noel has alwasy been concerned that patients without dental insurance tend to not receive two dental cleanings per year and often did not receive the professional dental care they need. In an effort to provide services to those needing dental care, we are offering our Good Neighbor Loyalty Discount Plan any to persons without dental insurance. This is NOT an insurance plan and there is no enrollment fee or administrative fee associated with the plan and there is no third party involvement.  

The Plan Is Simple:

  • $250 per year, due with enrollment form, covers a single person.  Under that $250 the individual gets two (2) dental cleanings, x-rays and exam per calendar year as well as 15% off any active care that is needed (provided that the individual pay in full for the service at the time service is provided).  If the patient has been treated for periodontal disease and has periodontal maintenance three (3) or four (4) times per year, as is standard, those additional two appointments will need to be paid outside of the loyalty plan, by the patient, at the time of service.
  • $500 per year, due with enrollment form, covers the head of household, spouse or significant other and any dependent children, age 26 or under, living in the home.  Under that $500 payment, each covered member is entitled to two (2) dental cleanings, x-rays and exam per calendar year as well at 15% off any active care that is needed (provided that the service is paid in full at the time of service).  If the patient has been treated for periodontal disease and has periodontal maintenance three (3) or four (4) times per year, as is standard, those additional two appointments will need to be paid outside of the loyalty plan, by the patient, at the time of service.


Dr. Noel went through an implant residency program and is able to place dental implants, including bone grafting. He even has a few dentists who refer to him versus an oral surgeon or periodontist.

Dental implants are by far the best tooth replacement solution available, providing a longer-lasting result. Implants help preserve the tooth-supporting bone that natural deteriorates when a tooth ist lost. Bone loss is one of the major hidden consequences of losing teeth. Learn more about Dental Implants and their benefits!


We are finishing up the last details on our move and still getting settled in, but we are already enjoying seeing patients in our new larget office. Plus, we are all AMAZED by our step count these days!

Since our move, it has been so fun to hear patients talk about coming to this building when it was Mr. Kelly's restaurant back in the day. Some have worked here, some dined here and now you visit the dentist here! Our new building is most widely known as the former Mr. Kelly's restaurant, however it has also been a business office, a church and now a dentist office! We lease 60% of the first floor. Other offices in the building include message therapists, behavior therapists, insurance agents and a mortgage broker. 

Mr. Kelly's:

Mr Kelly's was one of the first "suburban" Omaha-area restaurants.

This was the flagship dining establishment of the newly-incorporated city of La Vista, standing guard at the intersection of 84th. and Parkview Boulevard (nee' Easy Street).

What happened?

It was briefly rebranded as a branch of Dugger's, an existing steak house on Center, and eventually closed.

What's there now?

It's been offices in recent years, currently home to a mortgage broker.

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April 06, 2017
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Did you know that Allure Dental is moving? After 40 years in the same location, the building we’re in is being torn down, so we are on the move! But we’re not going far! We knew that our patients would want us to remain in the area so we’re moving to 7200 South 84th Street,  Suite #1, an office building.  

As we hear from patients who’ve lived in the area for many years, our new location was originally Mr. Kelly’s Restaurant back before the area was so developed. It’s been fun hearing stories from patients about how they dined at the restaurant, were members of the private club or even worked at the restaurant! We can assure you it no longer resembles a restaurant in any way!!  

We have about 60% of the main level, with the entrance on the south side of the building and parking exclusively on the south side for our dental patients. We think you will enjoy the larger office, which gives us the opportunity to better serve our patients in more comfortable surroundings. You should be able to easily see the sign on the south side of the building and the tall monument sign out front.  Our moving process begins on Thursday, April 20 and we hope to be well settled within a few days.  

We are hosting an Open House on Friday, April 28 from 4pm to 6pm... stop by and tour the office.  We’re excited about our new home and can’t wait to share it with you!  Our phone number remains the same (402-331-0828,) so please call Marsha if any questions.








Dr. Noel never tires of learning how to improve the services he provides to you, our dental family. Over the summer of 2016, he attended some advanced training to improve the surgical process for patients with gingival (gum) recession. If you’ve ever had sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures or know someone who has, you know how uncomfortable gum recession can be. And for some patients, the gum recession causes them to be self-conscious when smiling.  

The continuing education course that Dr. Noel attended showed him different instruments to use with a tissue graft and how taking tissue from the roof of the patient’s mouth can be avoided. With this new procedure, the Pinhole Surgical Technique (PST), a scalpel-free, suture-free, graft-free treatment options for receding gums. The process and recovery is much easier for the patient.

We’re seeing great success and happy patients with the new procedure!  If you or anyone you know suffers with gum recession, have them schedule an appointment with Dr. Noel. At that appointment Dr. Noel will do an exam, chart recession depths and take oral photographs and prepare a treatment plan. There is no cost for the exam and consultation appointment, as a courtesy to our patients.


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February 21, 2017
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Spring Whitening Special Offer - Dr. Burke Noel - Papillion Dentist


Dr. Burke Noel, Papillion dentist, is offering a special that includes: a limited exam, panormaic x-ray and a home whitening kit (valued at over $240) for $89. This offer will expire June 1st, 2017 so call us today to use this fantastic offer and get your smile ready for Spring!

(Exam and x-ray are necessary to access the best whitening regimen for you.)

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May 23, 2014
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