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July 26, 2017
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Have you ever asked yourself: "Why does Marsha keep trying to confirm my dental appointment?"

Even if you haven’t, we are going to tell you why. We look forward to seeing all our patients and want to know for sure that you’ll be at the scheduled appointment, at the right time, and (now) at the right office. We have our automated system that reachs out to remind you of appointments via text, email and phone. When that fails Marsha or one of the other team members will call you. So if you get a text, email or voice mail, please respond with a confirmation OR if you cannot keep the appointment, please call the office to reschedule it. The sooner we know of any appointment changes, the sooner we can open that appointment time to another patient. We know some of you have wanted to move an appointment only to find there isn’t another options for many weeks. We hate when that happens! We have a few patients who have told us that a text, email or voice mail is as good as talking to them so we consider their appointments confirmed at the first contact method. If you’re one of those who wants us to use that method with you, please call Marsha to let her know.


For the next few office updates, we will highlight one of our team members so you can get to know him/her better.  For this August Update we put the dental spotlight on our very friendly dental assistant, Sharon. Sharon was born in D.C., but lived most of her life in California, coming from a military family. Family prompted Sharon’s move to Nebraska in 2010. Sharon’s recent hobby is knitting hats, socks, scarves, shawls. She so enjoys her new hobby that she has injured her ‘knitting elbow’ and had to take some recuperative time off from knitting and wear an elbow brace!   So now you know how dedicated Sharon is to her patients and her hobby! Sharon will be showing and selling her knitted goods at the August Papillion Farmer’s Market.  



What are root caries and why do you need to care? Root caries are becoming more of a problem to our aging population. In the past, people did not live as long and lost their teeth at younger ages, often ending up in dentures. Think about your parents and grandparents who might have had dentures sometimes by age 35! With improvements in dental diagnostics and dental treatment, most dental patients who see their dentist on a regular basis are now able to keep most of their teeth for their entire life. But, you ask, what are root caries? Root caries is a lesion (cavity) located on the root surface of a tooth, usually close to or below the gumline. As people grow older, their gums recede and root surfaces become exposed, making root caries possible. Contributing factors for root caries includes: decrease in saliva flow, gum recession related to periodontal disease, poor oral hygiene, diabetes, dietary habits, and chronic medical conditions. Senior citizens are more likely to get root caries due to medical conditions and medications that cause dry mouth. We are able to diagnose root caries with x-rays so never think twice about a dental x-ray! Treatment for root caries is a dental filling or a crown. 


We’ve now been in our new location for about 2 and-a-half months. Our new space is about 3 times the size of our old space, we have a total of 4 exam rooms for Dr. Noel and 2 hygiene rooms – so plenty of room for growth and to better serve our patients! High ceilings, wide hallways, an office for Dr. Noel and an office for our Business Manager, Marsha, are a few things that are new from the old location to the new. In addition, we have a beverage station for our patients and guests with bottled water and coffee with a plan to add hot tea and hot chocolate come Fall and Winter ☺  We’re still finishing a few items like interior window glass and flooring, but hope to be all finished very soon. Our Business Manager finally got all her boxes unpacked a week or so ago so there is progress. If you haven’t been to the office yet for your appointment, you will be pleased with the ample parking in the south parking lot, reserved for dental patients and guests. Our entrance is on the southwest corner of the building and the door is painted a beautiful teal color to better direct you to us.  We look forward to many, many happy years in our new office providing great care to you and anyone you would refer to us!!